Sunday, March 7

Stereotypical Ad

As humans we are quick to stereotype groups of people and individuals. Based on their religion, race, gender, orientation etc, all humans are submitted to the unfortunate harsh judgment of others. As a future advertiser I want to make sure I refrain from taking part on this. The ad I found is of a woman who is holding a mop. This is clearly symbolizing the stereotypical role that women are the cleaners of the household. Although no face is shown in the picture, you can clearly tell by the legs and bottom half of the advertisement, that it is most certainly a female.

As a woman, and future business professional, I find it highly offensive for companies to still be selling cleaning products in a feminine related way. I’m not looking down at the mothers who stay home and watch the kids and keep the house clean, however it’s not the majority now a days. Studies have shown that most jobs lost in the past year are from male employees. Not only that but statistics have proved women are moving up in the work force. Getting just as an equal opportunity for a raise and higher position as males, more so than 10 years ago. Maybe a commercial of a husband staying home, cleaning the house and watching the kids would be more time appropriate due to the recent facts. Would that soon turn into stereotyping though?

For now I have no doubt that at least 5 different cleaning products will still be showcasing that cheery and giddy housewife mopping the floors (oh so lively) as her husband walks through the door after a long day at work. Predictably he will spill his cold left over coffee from the morning on the tile floor, and she will come sweeping in to save the day with a Swiffer Wet Jet!

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