Monday, March 15


Considering I have no true direction going on in this blog, I'm about to hibernate it. And keep it for my own personal masturbation of the mouth. I'm sick of Blogspots templates/fonts/layouts/colors/bullshit etc. I'm not trying to be a hater, but the whole Feng Shui of it all sucks. I shall continue my farsi jargon on another blog, preferably with more of a focal point this time

Thursday, March 11

I Shall Be Your Creative Muse

Solitude. {Actions:(typing and deleting)} or lack there of

Your thoughts keep track of you. Never actually taking a leave of absence. Not even for just a moment. Chasing you to the car. And then to school. And then to the corner cafe. And then back home again as you curl up on the couch. They can bend you, or stretch you. befriend you or turn foe.