Tuesday, March 2

Boy 1

I was young once, and bad decisions were on my mind. Though at the time they didn't seem bad. I take you all the way back to Freshmen year in college. I lived in a grungy dorm with 3 other girls. Girls; gods mysterious creation. Put 4 together and interesting stories will follow.

I was getting over a long drawn out obsession with this foreign guy. He saw me as a stupid naive freshman girl. I on the other hand had him placed on a pedestal next to my barbie dolls and stuffed teddies. He was the first guy I had taken a liken to since being away from home. 3 years older than me. A coniveing sneaky snake. When I would leave his dorm, another girl was waiting to enter. Of course I had know idea, because when I found out, I was devastated..

July turned into August, which eventually turned into November. I was crazy on diet pills, about 20 pounds to skinny, and 100 times to anxious. My mind was confusing itself. Happy, sad, back to happy, then back to sad again. He wasn't making anything better. just more hurtful woe to add to my disturbed soul. I saw him as a future boyfriend, he saw me as a present joke. Things changed during a party in Autumn.

A fraternity was throwing a holiday party in which you had to dress up in some slutty outfit. I opted out on the slutty part, not my style. I was handed a jello shot when entering. took 3 more. People got shitty fast. Girls were being thrown in the pool, and grinding on the grassy dance floor. Familiar faces all around, drunk familiar faces might I add.

A girl I will name, "Megan," came up to me and started making uninteresting conversation, until she said his name. Saying his name was like the best yet worst slap in the face. His alias will be "Clark." Clark apparently had been rondevuing with Megan as well as me. Shocked, completely and utterly in dismay. My body went numb. My face flushed with red and pinks. Water droplets paraded my face and the alcohol wanted to make an entrance back out my mouth. I swallowed the fluid back down and tried to find words to say. uh. what. wait huh. I must of looked like a poor soul. She was already aware of his promiscious ways, so she wasnt to surprised to hear I had been seeing him.

Seeing him yes. Fucking him no. I was a virgin, and soo naive and very unsure of myself...

More to come

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