Sunday, March 7

Night Villians

A night out on the town. 3 lively ladies and a galore of drunk dudes. Dance floor full of follies to the left, bar packed with slurring strangers to the right. Passing by, chatter commences between an apparent Russian transvestite and an oblivious 50+ year old power hungry man. I laugh, and continue my aimless path to the back of the room. Not looking for anything/anyone in particular, just a free drink at this point. Free drinks yes, cheap tricks no. I don't need to woo my captivated stranger with shallow talk or deep stares. I apt for more of a up front approach. "So ya gonna buy me a drink dude?" I grin, he smiles. Thus producing an assembly line. He passes the bartender a 20 dollar bill, asks for 2 beers. Bar tender hands him change back along with two bottles. With his left hand, he passes me a beer. I accept graciously. I feel semi influenced to stay and chat for a while. Because without asking my preference he decided for me. His aggressive attitude tickles my fancy and my grin is magically transformed into a smile.

More to come...

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