Friday, October 30

Gold and Glitter

Halloween night is here and I'm in, blogging about this fantabulous new discovery of mine. She blew me away with the quirky and entertaining music video above ^

Let me cut in for a seconds to recognize that I just got aknowledged on Twitter by Sia! One of my favorite female singers!

Okay I'll cover more of that in the next posting.. Back to Marina and the Diamonds. Reading her blog, I quickly gained a sense of who she was. Her witty comments linger throughout her page, forcing one to keep reading post after post. Her music, a work of art, brings creativity and a new sound to America, and although she won't be here in the US for a little over 5 months, her music is already being spread through blogs all over.

Her fans, "the Diamonds," are part of her whole music experience. It's actually pretty lovely that she involves her fans into her performing career. Although she isn't mega popular like Lady love Gaga, she will be soon enough, and then will have to start separating her life from her fans. Until then, we shall grasp her ever imaginative blog posts.

One of her posts basically consisted of her dissing twitter. In March she exclaims in her blog, "so signed up to Twitter. WHAT a pile of shite. i cant un-twitter now though. Only signed up cause wanted to ‘reserve’ my damn name and now look." Funny how she now is a habitual tweeter. I actually love twitter, being able to shrink a long story or statement into much fewer words.

Follow Marina and the Diamonds, you will surely not be sorry. Big things will come from this youthful soul

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