Wednesday, October 28


Live for today and not so much the tomorrows. Letting your youth free to explore, create, love and learn, is like getting handed peace of mind.

Walk with a swagger of your very own customized creation. If not watched closely, youth can be wasted easily. whether your completely smashed at a ghetty, or sitting there and waiting for an opportunity to come to you. Maybe a little too much "Pedro," for the soul and not enough news articles about Business weekly's with their top 10 youngest entrepreneurs of America. Our membership is one time only people! No taking off on a red eye plane to jet set back. You get that one chance to fill your immature days with everything you got. Control your dance scene fiesta a$$ and catch up on whats new with Obama at the White House. You never know, he might be legalizing weed this very moment.. Join an organization, get crafty, and get it going.

Don't let your droopy doper bum for a friend scare you from actually doing something with your life. Young adults are green with ambition. We know that our genius and fresh minds will come out with the next million dollar idEa! Just keep the momentum building so when its time to exit the Youth Nation, you will do so in an impressive heroic surrender. Our ideas and actions today are what will be jotted down in future novels and biographies later.
Is it the music we are morphing into a whole new genre of its own that excites people today? Or maybe the fashion that continues to swallow up old school styles only to spew out a new school edge. All in all, we are the Youth and right now we're creating our own Youthology. Lets spice up our ideas and minds to leave a shocking mark on the world.

Our Youth has already dabbled in the current economic issues, by going green with the preservation awareness of decreasing natural resources and also by creating ways to make the green in a money losing bind of a time. Internet websites and blogs are sprawled out all over the internet coffee table, with young people at ages that range from middle school to college making profit. Many of these sites discuss music, environment help organizations, and fashion of course. Think Penny wise and save on expensive grocery trips. Coupons and sales become a students most useful resource, and chances are there's a blog for that. Need money? dog walk. Yeah I'm at the point where I would rather do that than work at a restaurant or office.

I want to be more free, a youth of no restriction or negative thought. Sailing on a ship to the final destination of a settled life with family and happiness. In life you have a slide show of choices and decisions, whether filled with regret or joy, you make them, mold them, and mash them. You decide how much to put into something, and the result will follow, it always does. To know that those 15 years of self discovery paid off. Finding out exactly how each moment lead up to something greater because sooner or later you will be acknowledged and awarded.

So we can have a wasted youth on petty problems and burn outs. Or rather, we can all consist of a strong army with fresh ideas, having a wasted youth off of amazing and unbelievable defeats. knowing you are doing something soo ambitious and magnificent that you then make a point to not waste your youth, instead being part of the motivated, wasted off of youth, soaking up every drop of their addicting demeanor, in which they discover and create.

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