Sunday, February 14

Valentines day De ja vu?

That is Valenti(n)es day not Valenti(m)es day!

This weekend was epic for me. Went out Friday night and Saturday night. Boysboysboys- reference to Lady Gaga's song. Hung out with friends that I haven't seen in forever, and yeah we got wasted. I have pictures too prove just how drunk I actually was... Night two (Saturday) consisted of slightly stupid decisions and reckless behavior on my part.. I was young, I was free and I was a contra.

Details might be too risky right now..

Trying this whole new thing from now on, maybe you've heard of it or even practice it, unlike me >"respecting oneself?"

Goodnight starstruck lovers, go get all sensual and make love. Love isn't always defined by sex btw.

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