Thursday, February 25

Stupid Boys

Hello stupid boy, can't you see I've had enough to drink... enough of you, and yet you haven't even spoke more than 3 sentences to me. That is because after a minute of talking to you, I can sense if I want to endure another minute of your terrible collection of words. Believe it or not, just by the words erupting from your mouth in the first 60 seconds, reminds me exactly why I avoid idiots like so.

Anyways. Ran into the the latest love affair of my life tonight. He was playing dj and I was playing nonchalant... No vibes, no love, no desire, just lingering emptiness which is a good thing. He has moved on, and so have I. No resentment, or disgust. just cordial friends discussing life over martinis and cigarettes. Of course having the best friend at my side helped and encouraged me to be "the bigger person."

I'm happily content with life and the people currently in it. The drunken nights. Late night study sessions. Petty friend arguments. I would keep it all, because what I'm doing (typing) right now is what will place me somewhere I want to be in the future.I look back at the past and smile, knowing it was such a wonderful time. Past events fed me the right vitamins and now I will let them do work. But I would never go back and l i v e it again. Something so sweet should never be relived.

Hello life, I love you,

yours truly, Jamie

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