Sunday, February 21


It's funny that I get soo worked up in writing new entries. The actual aesthetics behind how I should go about organizing them(as if people actually read them). I'm not looking for an audience, or new friends or new followers, although I wouldn't mind...I write because it gives me complete pleasure, and also improves my mechanical writing skills at the same time, catch my drift?

As an artist, you get that added perk of also being able to write. Whether your good or bad, you have something to say, to share, to comment further on. That is what makes us creative souls so artsy, we have to express this visionary mess of a world, calculating in our minds 24 hours a day. Some of us paint, some of sing, some of us write and some of us even get lost within the crafty talent. Hide it from the world all together. Being naturally creative is something you can't be taught, your either born with it or not. Your right brain is either the main commander in your life or you are being shepherded by the logistical left. When you enter the world, you do not choose the mind you get, nor do you have a say in who will raise you. You are the creation made by two people who, when conceived you, already had your characteristics and flaws mapped out for you. Their genetics were forced upon each other to create a new mind, recycled from their sloppy seconds.

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