Wednesday, February 10


Soo I totally forgot I started expressing what physical characteristics I like in a guy. I ended on Eyes so now we will move on to legs & the back all in one post..

Legs: Sturdy, chicken, muscular, frumpy, hairy, feminine etc.. Legs come in many different styles. So me having an attraction to a certain type, isn't really that odd. You can tell a lot about what kind of man your dealing with by the type of legs hes got going on. Athletic legs are very attractive, not bulging with steroid-like muscles but rather slim (not skinny) with a mild calf muscle protruding. He has to have sturdiness just in case I fall, he'll be catching me ;)

Back: Not as serious but a little part of what attracts me to the opposite sex. Everyone has different choices. While some girls seek abs of steel, others are engaged with the glutix maximus. There is a secret definition the body traces along the pathway of a nicely structured back. Again, I'm not discussing cumbersome muscles here, because to me that deems unnecessary.

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