Friday, February 5

From Jamie With Love

Once upon a time, is exactly what I do Not want to start this next entry with..

Went to the Academic Adviser this week, crunched the numbers & credits and it looks like I am scheduled for take off to the lovely graduate society in two summers. In other words a year and a half! Not bad, not bad at all, I'll take it. What comes after this though? Loan papers that I actually have to start paying off, high rent bills, oh and a big fat reality check (un-cashable of course)

So all this money talk has got me thinking about my initial desire to go back-packing after graduating. Thinking isn't always appropriate when your a lackadaisical dream child. For sometimes we must submit ourselves to reality, even if its only for a brief period. My brief period wavers, like a comatose state. I'm perpetually in and out of the world of make believe and questioned truth.
You could literally die at any moment of the day by even the measly of incidents. I once heard of a girl dieing after getting struck by a penny that was thrown from the 40th floor of some condo! I don't remember the source nor can I validate if this case was proven true.. Forget that trivial nonsense I just presented, but do consider the fact that we are living our only lives here on earth. I forget all the time and throw away my days like they're useless coupons. Coupons end up adding up and saving you tons on shit, yet we figure maybe next time we'll take the time to risk paper cuts. Because that's all we are really risking if you think about it. So next time you go grocery shopping save on the 5 dollar Nutella, that they are constantly advertising a $1.00 saving! Now take the coupon idea and relate it to your life, spend your days carefully and concise, wasting no time on thinking about wasting time...

Ending this immediately in order to avoid tangents, and any further mind boggles.

Happy Friday?e

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