Wednesday, February 17

Animal Love Reference Part 1

I had a good conversation with a friend today, about cougars (not the animal), the 40+females and males going after the youth.

For example, Older men are more "romantic," in their elder years, still loving their sexing, but looking for more passion, which is way different than what a lot of youthful guys want. They've done the sex thing for decades and aside from their occasional one night stand, gold digging hussies, they want to start kindling up more of a long lasting romance.

Most (notice how I didn't say all) boys in their twenties are still soo very sex driven. Not so much into the whole swooning over a gal, ya know? They might be in love for a moment, but then someone hotter and taller walks by and they say PEACE! We are young so it can easily be forgiven, and our relationships continuously get looked upon as trivial and "for the moment."

You then have subject B, the love struck, passionate youthful girl. Wanting her fairy tale soo soon in life, that she might look to an older guy for what she considers "love." So then the lion gets the lamb, and Billy Joel gets his 2o year old daughters best friend! Of course her foolish and immaturity tags along for the ride and the divorce quickly follows the unesessary marriage. On the contrary, when the cougar prowls and captures the young tiger (Demi moore and Ashton Kutcher) she allures him in such a way that he strays away from his usual routine. Smelling fresh, young bodies, is thrown out the window. Rather getting more cozy and acquainted with the aura of experienced and highly sexual cougars...

Part 2 to come....

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