Friday, December 4

NYC Love Lights

Giving NYC the benefit of doubt when it comes to judging how friendly the people are...

After walking around like a half brained pigeon (considering they are very dumb in the first place) I found a deli! It's always a goal for me to find a great breakfast sandwich in NYC when I visit. The sandwich would have been perfection if I would have asked them to toast it. The service was fast and great. The Deli's called "Champs," and its on the corner of Trinity and Rector. There was no internet so I brought my food to this Burger King with internet down the street.

The table with the view of the city had food draped all over it, so I took several minutes to clear it off myself, getting a few curious stares from fellow restaurant goers. I sat down and immediately got online to blog. People kept coming to my window view, taking pictures and staring in awe. I was wondering why the traffic at my window, when their are several in here. So after the 10th visitor I had to peer out and see what all the hype was about. In big letters a banner read, "World Trade Center Plaza."

I realized I had sat myself next to where one of the towers had once billowed over the city. Even in destruction and chaos, there is still a beautiful calm about the now construction ridden zone. A flash back of the summer pre 9/11, Boat tour with my mother and a photo of the two towers. A then 13 year old brace face with no clue on the future ahead, I was enamored by the complexity of the city and knew fore sure I would be back a lot. A now 21 year old semi sure young lady, I have kept that promised thought and make it to the city often.

The bank teller, cleaning man, traffic cop, bell man, coffee shop girl and old lady with a red hat, have been amazing in helping me gallivant around the city. In the end of the day people are people no matter what city your in, and I am obsessed with making that more known.

I'm off to explore more_ Jamie

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