Monday, November 30

Neglected Blog

I neglected my blog for a couple weeks. Not cool Jamie, not cool.

I've been doing a lot of writing, just not on here. I bring my mini notepad with me everywhere. Once something influencial hits me, I start to write. Skipping pages, leaving half eaten sentences scattered everywhere, hoping to eventually connect the dots. My lyrics are taking more symbolic meaning, and so is my life.

In this cold life, we hold tight to the dreams that bind us to our every desires. Though some begin to unfold less pleasantly, we remain in this imaginary place. Our youthful longings, either achievable or rediculous, become part of our struggle. A struggle we act as if it was never to come, even though we know it is part of the process.

Come up with your own form of inspiration and convince your mind it is the medicine that will make you better. The mind is easily swayed, and you should be the biggest manipulator in your life. Take advantage of those vulnerable moments that flash through you once in a blue moon, and be human.

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