Monday, November 9

Lethargic Lion

Trying to kick this flu habit out the window. The Vitamin C and B's are working somewhat, but seem to have taken a vacation today. My temperature reached an all time high today, going over the ever so familiar 89.6..

Do you ever find yourself walking through an airport, Whole Foods or wherever, passing strangers only to create thought in your mind that this will be the only time you ever see or get in contact with these other human-beings? It's crazy to think about, one little smile as you pass an ongoing cart pusher, could really make their day.

Death is quick and unexpected, its dark and its harsh. Do you know when your about to die, a possible moment or thought plugged into your soul, that points to something more? Should you expand upon dreams and acceptance of death, connecting it to happenings and tragedies?

After living on earth for thousands of years, how is it that we can't control our minds to be okay with it and have little to no mourning. Our emotions must be so powerful and so clever, that they escape the human ability to evolve over time.

Life is Change, more than the pennies you find in your pants, but the BIG stuf life throws at you. Take in the new and indulge..

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